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Vintage Report

Created in 2010 in the Napa Valley, the Vintage Report conference provides an unparalleled experience to discuss the latest innovations and scientific advances in viticulture and enology. Organized annually in Bordeaux, Narbonne, Paso Robles and Napa Valley, the symposium offers a unique opportunity to mingle with winemaker, industry leaders and eminent scientists. By putting plant data in the forefront of the conversation, conference aims at characterizing the specificities of the past vintage by looking at its impact on plant and fruit.

Take Control Over Wine Grape Quality

When it comes to a vineyard’s terroir, irrigation is one of the few factors that we can control and use to influence wine grape quality. How much and when to irrigate is the question, and precisely what we try to answer.

The objective of most irrigation strategies is to achieve an optimal level of vine stress that improves wine grape quality. Fruition Sciences has developed a revolutionary technology that “listens” to the vine’s water needs. It does this by measuring how much water the vine is transpiring (losing water) through its leaves via sap flow monitoring.

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Product Features

Fruition Sciences Computer
  • Uses vine-based, non-destructive sensors
  • The information is terroir specific
  • All data is reported in real-time
  • All data can be viewed on any web-enabled device
  • Integrates other vine management data
  • Sync with any weather provider

Fruition Sciences?

Vine Sap Flow

A new way to think about irrigation grape vines Fruition Sciences has developed a revolutionary technology that "listens" to the grape vine's water needs.

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You can cut about 40 percent of water from vineyards.

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We've decided to be totally agnostic. We collect all the existing data (on-board sensors, drones, satellite images, etc...) and focus on our core expertise, which is data analysis.

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Recently, Imagine H2O supported the growth of Fruition Sciences, a company whose "sap flow sensors" help farmers and vintners decide precisely how much irrigation is needed to produce their ideal crop so that no water is wasted.

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In general, Fruition Sciences founds vineyards use 40% more water than needed.

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France 24

Ce petit capteur a été responsable cette année de milliers de piscines olympiques qui n'ont pas été gaspillées pour irriguer inutilement les vignobles.

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